Melbourne’s beloved Frankenbok, one of the most exciting acts to sprout from the Australian heavy metal scene return with their follow-up to “Cheers, Beers & Beards!” (2013). New blood in the form of Daniel White, playing the perfect fit, replacing Dan McDougall as the vocalist . From the opening track, Stalker, Stalker, White gives a fine display of guttural vocals, something the Bok is renowned for. The talented frontman must feel right at home here.

Longtime guitarist, Aaron Butler is accompanied by new recruit Reiki Barbosa who let out riffs that come down like an anvil dropping on Wile E. Coyotes head. With the speed of the Roadrunner, sticksmen Mick Morley plows through on next track Drive It into the Ground, accompanied by the pummeling bass of Tim Miedeckie which stands out like a gun at a knife party.

Never short of hard hitting riffs; from harmonics to palm muting on Voodoo, Inc, the chugging riff unleashes a loose groove on the four string. Clean vocals, as heard briefly on Drive It Into the Ground, make their return on the catchy  Lifeline (Give ‘Em Enough Rope). Nifty leads are on display here with an inspiring guitar solo, making this track, in particular, a highlight. Coming across like classic Stoner Rock, this rocker would please fans of Orange Goblin and the like.

Not letting up with highlight after highlight; from PTSD to Of Chaos & Fear, with its catchy chorus and brutal blasts of fury; to the guitar driven Segregate the Masses, the thrashing Tombs of Solid Gold and solid album closer, Fuck Off or Destroy.

With enough catchiness and heaviness to bring the Brady Bunch and the Manson Family together for a picnic, the Bok have struck gold here. Like Jehovah’s Witness knocking at the front door, you won’t be able to get rid of the lads anytime soon. The boys are here for the long haul. Get on down to the gig and support your local scene. Link below. \m/

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Or if in Sydney run on down to Utopia Records for your metal fix