There aren’t many bands that can blend death metal, grindcore, and hardcore into one like Belgium bruisers Aborted, who pull it off well with these two bone splitting tracks. Just like Victor Frankenstein, they have created a monster.

The title track, Bathos welcomes the ringing guitars and crunching riffs of Mendel Bij De Leij and Ian Jekelis who make up for one dynamic duo. It isn’t long before the blast beats and ever changing drum patterns of Ken Bedene paves the way for an overpowering wall of sound that the avid listener will find themselves stuck in the void.

Vocalist Sven De Caluwe is in fine form going from hardcore screams to death growls, shrieks, and grunts. The leads over the rhythm guitar create a dark atmosphere in which no flashlight could find its way through. With stomping riffs that ensure violent headbanging from start to the finish, there is no end in sight as Aborted don’t hold back with their flawless final blow to the skull, which comes in the form of Fallacious Crescendo.

If the first track lacked in guitar solos, the second offering makes up for it with intriguing solos which stand out like a priest at a brothel. The bass groove of Stefano Francescini holds down the fort as Bedene plows through at breakneck speed. With a less hardcore approach, De Caluwe unleashes the beast which would please death metal devotees.

After the promising releases of the back to back Retrogore (2016) and Termination Redux (2016), Aborted have again delivered the goods, just like the delivery of fresh corpses to a mortuary, there is no rest for the wicked as they will continue to gain fans as bodies drop and morgues fill. The circle of life repeats itself as its time to hit repeat.


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