This week Australia welcomed Californian based band Trapt for their first ever tour of the country. They’ve been together for around 18 years now so it was long overdue for sure. I got the chance to check out the group and their Brisbane support, here’s how the night went down:

Archetypes opened up the night with a level of energy that really took me by surprise. Not knowing a band that you’re going to see at a gig and finding out they’re really good is always a great experience. They really sounded to me like a mix of Circa Survive and Iron Maiden to be honest, and boy did they execute that sound well. From their opening track “Chasing the Raven through to their closing track “Chapter VIII”, Archetypes put on a flawless show, that’s even with technical difficulties plaguing them for the first 5 to 10 minutes of their set. If you get the chance to check these guys out then definitely do so.

These Four Walls took to the stage next. A band originally from New Zealand who’d made the move to the larger rock music scene that can be found here in Australia. These guys gave off a lot of a sound like another US band that a few people may have heard of called Disturbed. The energy didn’t drop at all here, even with more technical difficulties briefly taking place halfway through their set. These Four Walls played 8 songs altogether and every single song kept a high level of energy and delivered some beautiful hard rock. I’d never heard of these guys before seeing them perform last night but hearing their newest single “Bravery performed live was truly a treat.

Trapt are known for producing some memorable rock anthems in their time. Songs like “Stand Up, “Contagious and of course the infamous “Headstrong just to name a few, all of which I was extremely eager to hear performed live. So how’d Trapt’s final show of their Australian tour go down?

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a crowd respond so enthusiastically to a band’s performance. Frontman Chris Taylor Brown came out in full force showing he fits the definition of a true rock performer. He delivered what looked to be an effortless vocal performance as did the rest of the band with their own instrumental duties. Opening with their hit song “Still Frames, Trapt set the tone for what their set would turn out like, an energetic and powerful rock show. The band’s set consisted of a great mix of their harder hitting songs and the side of their discography that consists of more ballad-like tracks. Songs like “Bring It and “Who’s Going Home With You Tonight” really got the crowd singing along and even the newest tracks in the band’s discography from their most recent album DNA released last year were met with fantastic reception. Some highlights for me would have had to have been Chris Taylor Brown joining in on guitar duties for a few songs and the performances of songs “Human (Like the Rest of Us)” and the one and only “Headstrong.

In conclusion, I think it’s safe to say Trapt are always welcome here in Australia. The crowd’s response to their performance shows just how overdue their presence was.

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