Cruising in from Los Angeles is the hard rock band Riverdogs. Comprised of experienced musicians such as Guitarist Vivian Campbell who played with Dio, Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy and more. Drummer Marc Danzeisen who’s worked with numerous bands and contributed to Def Leppard, Bassist and Guitarist Nick Brophy who has written and collaborated for an extensive list of various artists like The Rolling Stones, Avril Lavigne and even Taylor Swift. And Rob Lamothe on vocals and guitar, who has his own has a lengthy discography.

With a lineup of musicians with such credentials and experience, you can easily imagine the kind of impressive work a group like that would release.

Riverdogs’ fifth studio album “California” is here with good ol’ fashioned rock and roll vibes with a hint of blues. Crooner vocals, soft reverberating guitar riffs and steady drum beats make for some really easy listening, although if that’s not your jam, there’s also some real hard rocking tunes in there, too. Overall, this album paints an image for us, an image of cruising down the road listening to good music with good friends on your way down… to California!

What this album seems to excel in is its purity. Everything about it is reminiscent of rock and roll music. No sub-genres, nothing radically different. It’s just rock. This is seen prominently in tracks like “American Dream”, “The Revolution Starts Today”, “You’re Too Rock and Roll”, “Welcome to the New Disaster”, “Catalina” and “Searching for A Signal”. Although it’s not all rock beats and sexy guitar riffs. Many of the songs on the album feature a much more relaxed and slower feeling, that really let you sit back and groove out. These songs are “Something Inside”, “Golden Glow”, “The Heart is a Mindless Bird”, “Ten Thousand Reasons” and “I Don’t Know Anything”.

As groovy as these tunes are, I can’t help but shed light on an issue I took with the album. All these songs are marvelous individually, however when listening to them back to back they blend together and become a little bit boring. In my opinion these songs are better off on their own because of this. That being said, I want to capitalize on the fact that this band is wonderful to listen to and have created an album that’s instrumentally gorgeous and very impressive.

Long story short, if you’re a fan of hard rock with a bluesy twist then this album is going to give you a good time without a doubt, so grab your air guitars and get ready to party with the Riverdogs down in California!

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