Since the debut Coughing up a Storm (1995), with fan favourite  Genius; the follow-up Not So Tough Now (1996), which gave happy punters a much-deserved Punch in the face; and all the live shenanigans on Australian television sets thanks to ABC’s Recovery, promoting the classic Meet The Family (1997), it’s safe to say that Sydney-siders, Frenzal Rhomb, have come a long way with their anarchist punk rock.

Just like the album prior, Smoko at the Pet Food Factory (2011), Hi-Vis High Tea (2017) was recorded at  The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado by Jason Livermore and Bill Stevenson, who sure knows his punk having worked with greats such as The Descendents and Black Flag. Out now in the U.S. via Fat Mike of NOFX‘s label, Fat Wreck Chords and here down under, via Caroline Australia, it was surely worth the wait!

Kicking things off with the punk blast of Classic Pervert which is much like the experience of a virgin at a brothel, over before you know it- short and sweet, clocking in at just under forty seconds. With lyrics like, “Well I used to easily differentiate when I took the kids down to the sea/Now I don’t know if you play guitar or if you’re a pedophile from the 70’s”, the lads are in fine form.

Whether it be tribute or coincidence with the title of next track Ray Ahn is my Spirit Animal and the reference to Punchbowl, both Ray and The Hard-Ons would appreciate the energy on display right here. Tom Crease pummels away on bass guitar, harmonising with backing vocals to the distinct voice of one Jason Whalley, a busy individual who is also known as Jaytanic Ritual, casting spells and rocking out with The Neptune Power Federation, when not tearing shit up with Frenzal.

The chugging riffs of Lindsay McDougall welcome the sing-a-long Cunt Act, accompanied by nifty leads and a bass groove that stands out like a police officer at a drug raid.  Shelving Stacks (And Stacking Shelves) is a highlight and is destined to be another crowd favourite with that classic Frenzal sound.

It is good to have drummer Gordon “Gordy” Foreman back after a stage diving incident in 2015, which resulted in a broken arm sounding better than ever especially on the hardcore-infused Storage Until Pill Press, which also sees some thick guitar riffs and a few growls thrown in for good measure by Jay.

The humour is present throughout with standouts School Reunion, and the chorus all misfits will be singing along to, “But I don’t live that way/So fuck my school reunion” and the aptly titled, Don’t Cast Aspergers on Me.

Then there’s the infectious riff courtesy of ‘The Doctor’ (Lindsay) that spreads like the black plague on The Black Prince, which is sure to please guitar enthusiasts. Followed by personal favourite  Pigworm, with growls from Jay which will let loose crazed fans igniting the wild boar within the moshpit.

Whether it be the guitar wizardry of Lindsay on Messed Up,  the toe-tapping Waiting for the Postman or the upbeat Organ Donor it is strictly all killer no filler with no blanks fired. Winding things down with a ballad of sorts in the form of Food Court, touching upon waiting and watching fights caused by MDMA.

Punk is alive and well in the form of Frenzal Rhomb! Get out and support your local bands! Grab a ticket to the show and a Cd/Vinyl. All links below! Pell Awaits!!!


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Be sure to catch Frenzal Rhomb @ The Hi-Vis High Tea Album Launch Tour, along with Totally Unicorn

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Fri 21st July The Triffid Brisbane
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Sat 22nd July Miami Tavern Gold Coast
+Totally Unicorn and Being Jane Lane

Sun 23rd July Solbar Maroochydore
+Totally Unicorn and Something Something Explosion

Thu 27th July MusicMan Megastore Bendigo Bendigo
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Fri 28th July Pelly Bar Frankston
+Totally Unicorn and Pagan

Sat 29th July Corner Hotel Melbourne
+Totally Unicorn and Pagan
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Sun 30th July Corner Melbourne
+Totally Unicorn and Pagan

Fri 4th August The Cambridge Hotel Newcastle
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Sat 5th August The Metro Theatre Sydney
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