For twenty-two years, Trapt have been one of the most recognisable faces in American hard rock, bringing several anthemic hits to the table such as Headstrong, Echo, Bring It and more. Now after a long wait, the Australian crowd finally gets their very first dosage of a Trapt concert next month. Vocalist and founder of the band Chris Taylor Brown had a chat with Overdrive to give a bit of insight as to what the Australian audience can expect and how they’ve been feeling prepping for their Aussie debut.

“We’re really stoked, man,” he begins. “We’re excited to finally get some Australian club shows that are gonna be packed. First time we were gonna come through, we wanted to make it an intimate thing. Not like somewhere too big where it sells out, somewhere small that feels hardcore. We’re excited we finally get to do this, and hopefully come back multiple times and hope that the first response is good enough for us to be able to come back. I’m also really excited to see what the bands that are supporting us are gonna be like.”

With seven albums attached to their career, Trapt advised that they’re hoping to get out all the tracks they and the fans want to be heard throughout the set. With their latest record DNA being released last year, it seems that they want to get out as many songs as they can, along with their signature anthems.

“There are several tracks that we love that we wanna play. We’re obviously gonna play the songs that the people want to hear, but they also gravitates towards the whole catalogue. We got some new songs from the new album (DNA) and there’ll be a mix of soft songs to ones that are heavy and melodic. It’s great to be able to do records and make music every few years, let the fans hear it and remind you that they care about you, which inspires you only to do more.”

While Trapt have performed mainly in their home country, they’ve managed to get a few overseas shows secured in the past. Now with the Australian tour finally happening after all these years, they’ve now got plans for more shows in the US as well as their return to the United Kingdom after they’ve visited Australia.

“We’ve already been to the UK in the past, South Korea, Japan and a whole bunch of other places. We definitely have wanted to go to South America at some point. We’ve already got Australia locked in, which is great. Australia to us, is a beautiful place and we know it’s somewhere we’ve always wanted to go to. Especially, flying from the US to Australia is really long. We’ve got two weeks going in the UK after Australia, and then afterwards, we’ll be back in America for a summer tour.”

Even though they enjoy the shows they put on in their home country, Chris feels that there’s a special kind of motion that sits in the balance of a Trapt show when they have the opportunity to get a tour going overseas. While that’s the case, he also has a lot of faith in himself and the rest of the band that their debut in Australia will be one of their most memorable times.

“Sometimes, it doesn’t go down as good as you hope the first time you come. But I think that this one’s gonna be really cool, especially because the fans have been waiting for a long time. The tension’s been building up, so it’s gonna explode when we get there, and I feel like it’ll be an amazing experience for us and the fans.”
Chris and bassist Pete Charrell, who have been known as the founders of the band, have been working together ever since. Last year, they recruited drummer Brendan Hengle and guitarist David Sudock this year. With a couple of shows locked in before their visit to Oz, Chris has felt very confident and happy about Brendan and David joining the band, as he feel they’ve got a lot of character that’s helped give the band a great image and persona.

“They’re both great. They’ve stood in with us really well, the personalities work together so well. They get along and the four of us are all able to have a great time. Especially with the tour coming up, I just feel that it’s gonna be just as good as the last couple of shows we’ve done.”

Closing off the chat with Chris, he talks about the importance of being in a band – expanding your horizons and always remaining true to yourselves and your loyal followers in order to make yourselves exceed in the long run. That being said, it seems that no matter what Trapt conjure up in the studio or bring to the stage, they’re determined to bring their A game, no matter what.

“You always wanna experiment and push the boundaries on what you wanna do. We always wanna push boundaries, but we really wanna speak true in what we want to bring to our fans, in order to accomplish something. I think, you never know what song you’re trying to make, or what little tweak is going to make it perfect. When you get that hook that you’re looking for, it’s just something that’s always been in there, even when you’re not in the right mindset, you can just sense that it’s there. It just kind of comes to you, and it feels special in a certain way when you’re writing that one song that you know you and the fans are really gonna dig.”