Here we have ten songs that feature numbers in the titles. All apart from the first and last, all are different. We have you…


Pantera: 5 Minutes Alone
Taken from “Far Beyond Driven” (1994)

Rollins Band: Your Number is One
Taken from “Nice” (2001)

Fishbone: Party at Ground Zero
Taken from the single, “Party at Ground Zero” (1985)

Sunny Day Real Estate: Seven
Taken from “Diary” (1994)

Public Enemy: 911 is a Joke
Taken from “Fear of a Black Planet” (1990)

Green Jelly: Three Little Pigs
Taken from “Cereal Killer” (1992)

Iron Maiden: 2 Minutes to Midnight
Taken from “Powerslave” (1984)

White Zombie: Thunder Kiss ’65
Taken from “La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1” (1992)

Skid Row: 18 & Life
Taken from “Skid Row” (1989)

Iggy Pop: Five Foot One
Taken from “New Values” (1979)