The Dives are a band born out of the heart of New York City. Despite their fresh, new beginnings, The Dives have wasted no time at all diving headlong into the writing of fresh and original material. They have been rehearsing are already touring the club circuit. As described by Evan Stanley, the lead guitarist and vocalist of The Dives: “We’re a Rock & Roll band.” There is no beating around the bush. The Dives are here to offer some straight up rock & roll, and have no qualms delivering something a bit dirtier than what you’ll find on today’s radio. As said by The Dives’ bassist/vocalist Sergio Ortega: “It’s a rock band playing catchy songs. Big hooks, but rattier than the Top 40.”

2017 is already proving to be a strong year for the band, starting with the release of their debut EP, “Everybody’s Talkin'”. Followed by a UK tour in support of this, the opportunity allowed The Dives to reach audiences numbering in the tens of thousands. Well underway with their next lot of plans, The Dives will be performing throughout the summer and have shows lined up for a national tour in August.

As some may have been wondering from the name, Evan Stanley is indeed the son of the legendary KISS frontman, Paul Stanley. However, as Evan and the rest of the members of The Dives want those going to one of their shows to understand, the two bands are very different entities from one another. The Dives are not a KISS clone,  nor do they claim to brand a style of rock that’s even connected to KISS in its sound. As Evan notes, “You won’t hear anything that sounds like KISS at The Dives’ show.” The band are very much forging their own path.

The story of how The Dives came together is an interesting one. Comprising the aforementioned Evan Stanley and Sergio Ortega, the band is rounded out by the talents of guitarist and shared lead vocalist, Mike Lefton, along with drummer and singer, Jimmy Meier. Sharing a passion for music, all four members have been honing their musical abilities since a young age. Following Evan’s move to New York City, where he attended NYU / Tisch’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, he became enthralled by the idea of starting his own band. After some trial-and-error, Evan met the eventual co-lead vocalist and guitarist, Mike Lefton, a New Jersey native. The two soon formed a close, brotherly bond; finding common ground in their work ethic and musical influences. It wasn’t long before their then new drummer Jimmy Meier was brought into the fold. Booking their first gig, the trio found their last remaining puzzle piece in an unlikely individual: Sergio Ortega, who had been recommended to them by a friend. Known professionally for his work as the guitarist and musical director behind the Broadway phenomenon, Ramin Karimloo, the three asked Sergio (also known as a musician performing with the banjo and mandolin) to sit in for their show, and the rest is history. Forming quite the quartet, the band now known as The Dives aren’t just four musicians brought together by happenstance to rehearse and open some shows, they are four brothers in music, brought together by a shared and impassioned goal (and a twisted sense of humour to boot), awaiting their turn on the next big musical stage.

The Dives are here, and they’re ready to rock and roll.

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