13 years ago Baltimore natives All Time Low released their first ever album entitled “The Party Scene”, recorded in July 2005 and we were hit with what I would call the very essence of Pop Punk. Fast forward to 2017, All Time Low are back once again but this time with their 7th studio album “Last Young Renegade”.
In June 2016, vocalist and rhythm guitarist Alex Gaskarth emailed lead guitarist Jack Barakat a demo of the track “Dirty Laundry,” which Barakat was immediately impressed by, this lead to the band beginning recording of “Last Young Renegade” in Los Angeles. The band was able to work at their own pace as there was no active deadline and this allowed them to just write within their comfort zone until “something cool came out” according to Gaskarth.

The album opens with the upbeat title track “Last Young Renegade” showing us a nice catchy tune typical of an All Time Low song, mostly keeping up the upbeat yet chilled pace throughout the verses and then really kicking in with a powerful chorus that is sure to be stuck in your head for a few weeks.

Following that catchy title track is the slightly more chilled “Drugs & Candy” still somewhat holding onto that edgy pop punk feel throughout the song with once again a catchy chorus that will be hard to keep out of your head for a while.

Up next is the first single released in February 2017 “Dirty Laundry”, this song takes big step back to a more radio friendly vibe incorporating a substantial amount of synth that you’re most likely not used to coming from an All Time Low song, with that being said however I feel that “Dirty Laundry” is the highest point of the album showing us a chilled song with a powerful chorus once again and without the intention of repeating myself, you will have this chorus stuck in your head for weeks.

Unfortunately songs such as “Good Times”, “Nightmares”, “Life of the Party” and “Ground Control” give off the same vibe throughout them and sound nothing different to that you would hear from almost any song on the top 100 hits on the radio especially with the overuse of the generic “whoah oh” line used in most pop songs, usually this would not hinder my opinion on a song but when it’s used in almost every song on the album it begins to just sound too repetitive.

On a better note however we are treated once again to the classic All Time Low sound with the song “Nice2KnoU” offering a more fast paced punk like sound throughout the entire track. We end the album on the laid back “Afterglow”, although we hear another song with the vibe you will most likely get from any song you hear on the radio we are at least treated with a relaxing tune that I could easily find myself listening to in order to boost my spirits.

Last Young Renegade” isn’t a bad album by any means but unfortunately it lacks a lot of energy and nothing really stands out, I think this is a really good pop album, but not a great All Time Low album.