Most local acts seem to pack more diversity than the average alternative bands from all around the world, these days. With Orsome Welles being one of them rising up in the scene, the Melbournian quintet has returned with their long-awaited studio EP “Rise”, which will be released this Friday.

Anyone who has yet to understand what Orsome Welles bring to the table will find that they come with a selection of progressive and alternative elements, as well as some intricate styles on the instruments of which they play. With the likes of Father’s Eyes or Elara accenting a fresh personality for themselves, Orsome Welles show off their newly evolved and more mature tone in a very poised manner.

While heaviness is a key feature that Orsome Welles thrive on, they also like to put in a bit of finesse with something that goes into a more mellow setting. Rise Again sparks comparisons to that of Gabriel-era Genesis and Karnivool which flows throughout its entirety, smoothly.

Even though there’s no particular concept to the EP, Orsome Welles have the ability to entice the listener into thinking that it’s a story that they’re hearing, or at least incarnate one in their heads. The other thing that makes “Rise” such an outstanding extended play, is that the band’s musicianship is so transparently energetic and uplifting. With the production quality taken advantage of in such a good way possible, it’s without a doubt that this Melbournian entity has put out one of the best EPs of the year, thus far.

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