After 23 years, Papa Roach still know how to please their fans with a mix of old and new sounds. Crooked Teeth, the 9th studio album from the California Alt-Rock band pleasantly brings in sounds from their time together to bring a killer album that’s easy to listen to from start to finish.

It all starts with Break the Fall, a song that could easily be the start to their upcoming tours for years to come. Starting softly with a violin backing, it gets into an intense guitar rift from Jerry Horton to get the mood straight away. Memorable lyrics are something Papa Roach are known for and this song definitely shows it.

I’ll say this now, Jacoby Shaddix‘s vocals are constantly a stand out throughout this album. This is quite easily shown in the album’s title track and first single, Crooked Teeth. High energy, hard rock and a rolling beat through the song show that after all this time, the band has not lost the enthusiasm but have grown to perfect their signature sound.

My Medication, on the other hand, is an ode to those who have been fans of Papa Roach from Infest days. It’s a pure song to show how much they have matured with their sound with a lyrical spin similar to Last Resort during the verse with a much more touching style to bring them into their modern maturity.

It’s at this point in the album that you know that you’re in for a ride with the album. It’s a highly consistent ride too and something that won’t frighten away new fans into listening to the album at the same time doesn’t fight off the long-time fans of Papa Roach. It’s easy to tell they have come a long way together and have made the music as much a part of them as they are to the music they create.

Two songs that shows this connection to the music is Born from Greatness and the second single from the album Help. Born from Greatness is an intense lyrical spin from Jacoby with a deep drum beat and anthem feel that could easily have the crowd going crazy with a hard drop that could bring some of the best mosh pits around.

With Help, it brings back the raw sound of Papa Roach that its almost hard to tell that it’s a studio recording at points because it has the demo sound to it which shows the pure heart that the band put into their music. It’s a rarity these days to get a raw sounding track from a veteran band that something like Help cannot be missed.

American Dreams stands as the middle point to the album that brings back down the intensity to level the listener out to prepare them for the 2nd half of the album. It sits there and is a great listen but doesn’t seem to have the impact as the rest of the album.

There is one stand out track from this album though for a different reason. Periscope, the 6th track of the album, is a much softer song than we are used but for a positive reason. Talented vocal artist and songwriter Skylar Grey joins Jacoby to bring a powerful duet very much in the spirit of what Papa Roach stand by. Powerful lyrics and a soft backing from the band encapsulate this song that I, myself, is surprised that this hasn’t been released as a single.

The final tracks of the album Sunshine Trailer Park, Traumatic and None of the Above bring the album to a close in an increasingly harder fashion.

Machine Gun Kelly joins the crew for Sunshine Trailer Park in a lyrically deep song that MGK is well known for and brings a surprisingly deeper view into the music Papa Roach have been giving the fans for years.

Traumatic is your classic soft verse with hard riff chorus to get you ready for the final song. Catchy and easy to remember and fun to listen to, it helps round out the rest of the album.

This, ultimately, leads to the final track. None of the Above starts off slow but don’t be fooled. This is probably their best showing of the maturity of their sound. The chorus is easily a chant worthy crowd pleaser.

The album as a whole brings the 23 years that Papa Roach have been together and it shows in an “All killer, No filler” collective. After listening to the album a few times, this would be one time that you would hope a band plays some of their newer stuff live.